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How to get in Mancora ?

In order to get directly to Mancora and/or closest beaches, you can arrive by the Panamericana's highway of the north of Peru.

    The airports with closest national flights to Mancora are:

    Beaches' map
  • Talara's airport (TYL):
    Frequency: A daily flight from Lima.
    Flight duration: 1h40.
    Located 80 kms south from Máncora.
    Flights provided by Lan Perú.
  • Tumbes' airport (TBP):
    Frequency: 1 or 2 daily flights from Lima.
    Flight duration: 1h50.
    Located 130 kms north to Máncora.
    Flights provided by Lan Perú.
  • Piura's airport (PIU):
    Frequency: 6 or 8 daily flights from Lima.
    Flight duration: 1h35.
    Located 200 kms south from Máncora.
    Flights provided by Lan Perú, Avianca and Peruvian Airlines.

    Airports with closest international flights are:

  • Lima's airport, Peru (LIM). 1165 km south from Máncora.
  • Guayaquil's airport, Equator (GYE). 470 km north approximately from Máncora.
Direclty to Máncora, there are several buses from different companies from Lima, Tumbes, Piura, Guayaquil (Ecuador) and other cities of Peru, but also taxis or different kind of transportation from airports next to Mancora.

There are different ways to get in Mancora. Read carefully detailed informations below about flights, buses and taxis.

There are taxis and private transportation providing transfer's servicies from national airports (Talara, Piura or Tumbes) directly to your lodging or beach house in Mancora and/or closest beaches, there are also services of reconcilation to buses and shared Mini van companies to cities like Piura and Tumbes for transportation to Mancora and/or closest beaches.

Lima - Máncora direclty by bus: The second most recommended option (and cheapest) to get in Mancora from Lima or other city from Peru is to take a direct bus to Mancora and/or closest beaches. There are companies providing a good service, despite the fact that from Lima this is a long journey (1165 kms, 16 a 18 hrs en bus), not that terrible that it might seems, just pay a careful attention to the provided services. This is the famous choice for tourists for a departure from Lima.

Guayaquil (Equator) - Máncora directly by bus: There are direct buses to Mancora from Guayaquil ( approx 8 or 10 hrs, prices from US$20 to US$50 to one way). They are secured to cross the border and get in directly to Mancora.